The Little Moments With Our Kids Is What Makes Motherhood So Big!

The one lesson that motherhood has taught me is that it is the small gestures that mean the most. It is those little moments of love that matter more than anything else. Sometimes in our daily exhaustion that comes with all the big things we have to do we find the little things hard to do, even impossible. But, I always find that if I muster up the energy its the little things that create memories and put the biggest smile on my daughter’s face. Its the little things that give me the biggest, “I love you’s and hugs and kisses. Even when I feel like I can’t play dolls one more time or bake that batch of cookies at 7 pm that I never should have promised in the morning when my coffee had kicked in and my energy level was on high, if I just do it, I always heap blessings in the mom department.

It is so easy to let those big things in life take away the joy from the smaller moments. The quiet moments that we can’t get back, but will wish for years down the road. Sometimes we have to push the big things aside,  so we get to experience what being a mom is really about which is the privilege of being present with our children.

Tonight when my daughter begged me to go outside in the freezing wintry weather to make snow angels, I tried my best to turn her attention to something else. I’m not a cold weather kind of gal. But, I looked at her face drop with every excuse and knew it was a moment that she wanted to have with me and so after putting on 20 layers of clothing we went outside. After awhile the numbness in my fingers subsided as I saw her face light up as we made snow angels and snow castles. In the midst of it she gave me a kiss and said, “I love you mom,” ahh and that is the joy that makes it all worth it. So never pass up the little moments…seek them, embrace them and remember this is what makes motherhood so big!

That smile does it for me all the time!
That smile does it for me all the time!

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