5 Simple Tips On Accomplishing Your Goals


It’s the 2nd day of January and I’m sure many of you are already on the path to fulfilling your New Year resolutions. I think resolutions or goals are a great way to start out the new year. However, I  believe that every day is an opportunity to work toward a goal as long as you have breath in your body so don’t get to hung up on resolutions only for the New Year. So many of us end up disappointed from failed resolutions, so here are a few tips I’m going to follow this year to make it easier to follow through!

  1. Keep Goals Simple– It’s fine to be ambitious, but it is also okay to keep it simple. Don’t over complicate your goals, keep them clear and concise. Write down the goal and the steps you need to accomplish it, it doesn’t have to be long and drawn out just clear enough for you to follow.

  2. Write Your Goals Down– I don’t know about you but, I get serious satisfaction when I cross something off of my list! Write down your goals and keep them in a place you are sure to look at them often. Don’t keep them in a notebook you’ll throw in your desk and forget about. Keep them in clear view!

  3. Categorize Your Goals- This falls in line with keeping it simple. I suggest categorizing goals in 2  ways: 1) By Area In your Life,  for example, you can categorize by your  financial,career, physical, spiritual or family goals or 2) By Month. Think about what you’d like to achieve in 12 months and break down your goals accordingly.

  4. Do a Mid Year Check Up– In January everyone is riled up to make changes in their lives and accomplish their goals, by the time June rolls around that new year excitement is gone and usually very little is done. Give yourself a mid year check up and evaluate where you are, where you want to be and the necessary steps on getting there.

  5. Get an Accountability Partner-Keep yourself in check by recruiting a friend that holds you accountable and do the same for them. Accountability partners should be honest and not afraid to tell you to get with it! In a kind and loving way of course :)

The biggest tip I have is remember to pray about your goals and be open to hearing and following God’s will for your life. Be courageous and remember that everything is possible when God’s hand is in your life! 


  1. Sheila says

    Thank you for this list! This is exactly what the Lord spoke to me last year and I’ll be continuing with it this year. My biggest change was cutting out trash tv and celebrity gossip websites.


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