Let’s Pray for Kara Tippets

A few weeks ago I was driving to pick Anya up from school and I heard a broadcast on Focus on the Family that captured my heart and broke it at the same time. The broadcast featured Kara Tippets a wife and mother of four who has terminal cancer. Listening to her speak about her journey, and her dependence on grace and God made me slow down for a minute and think about what really matters in my life… God, my family, my health and the time I spend with my loved ones. Kara is incredibly courageous and faithful. Grace has met her in so many ways that she has been gracious enough to share with others.

Her pain is increasing and the cancer is spreading more aggressively in her bones. Today she is getting a surgery and I just ask you to please pray for her and her family during this time. Please take a minute and visit her site, Mundane Faithfulness and look at her Facebook page she will inspire you with her faith, wisdom and light. When you read how grace has met her in so many ways your faith will be renewed! Kara is such a gift and a blessing to all those who know and don’t know her. I’m praying for her and her family and I hope you lift her up in prayer as well.


Kara and her Husband
Kara and her Husband

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