Stress Less Tips for Thanksgiving

Holidays are meant to be joyous occasions, but more often than not holidays become stressful and the meaning is lost among the to do lists and the hectic rush and stress we put ourselves under. Here are a few ways to keep your holidays stress free.

  1. Release the Idea of a Perfect Holiday- One reason we become so stressed during the holidays is we strive for our holiday to resemble a Norman Rockwell painting. Most likely that won’t happen and even if it does the angst of making it happen is going to put a real damper on your day. Don’t worry if each plate doesn’t match or you don’t have name tags at each setting, the only person who really notices these details is you! Don’t get me wrong we all love a beautiful table and the details are fun, but when it stops being fun let it go! Do your best and enjoy the rest!
  2. Travel in Advance if Possible-Traffic during the holidays is enough to make you want to turn around forgo the turkey. If at all possible travel to your destination  a couple of days in advance and beat the crowd, the same applies for coming home. Oh, don’t forget to get a full tank of gas and any money for tolls!
  3. Don’t Do it Alone– Holidays are about sharing, so if you are hosting don’t be shy or too prideful to accept help. Cooking with family and friends is fun and it is when memories are made!
  4. Keep the Conversation Light-Holiday conversations among family members can get a testy because of all the different personalities coming together and well you know… families can clash. Try to keep the conversation light, fun and non controversial know when to change the topic and try to let things roll off your back.
  5. Be as Prepared as Possible if You’re Hosting– The more prepared you are the less stress you’ll experience. Make those To Do Lists ahead of time and be very detailed about what you need done. Try to equally divide the tasks up in the days you have left so you’re not left feeling overwhelmed.
  6. Be Clear On Sharing Holidays- If you are sharing holidays with your kid’s dad be clear on the agreement and time for pick up or drop off. It will make the transition smoother for you and them.
  7. Take a Time Out– Make sure you get in a little down time. Even if it is 20 minutes take time to recharge your batteries.

Make memories, eat a lot, laugh, have fun, be safe, and appreciate the day with your family!

Get the kids involved in the baking and cooking!
Get the kids involved in the baking and cooking!

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