My Healthy Me Walking Update

I’m going to make this quick, but here are my Walking Goal Updates for the past few months. My goal is 70 Miles this month so wish me luck! I got a little caught up in party planning and a bunch of other to do’s in October, so hopefully I’ll meet them! I must say, I don’t burn nearly the amount of calories I would in the gym on the treadmill, but the fresh air and beautiful fall scenery makes the gym so unappealing right now. Maybe I’ll feel differently in December! So far I’ve walked a total of 113.8 Miles! Yeah!!

November Update:
Walked 13.1 Miles (Includes Monday and Tuesday of this week)
Total of 4:32 Hours
Calories Burned 1,236

October Update: 
Walked 45.4 Miles
Total of 14:01 Hours
Calories Burned 3,813

September Update:
Walked 48.9 Miles
Total of 16:42 Hours

August Update:
Walked 6.4 Miles
Total of 2:12 Hours

This recharges my batteries!

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