Lacking Motivation? Get An Accountability Partner! I Did!

All of us have potential, but potential is left unfulfilled if we don’t fuel it with action, motivation, intention and desire.  It’s easy to talk about our ideas, goals and dreams and we may have all the spiritual gifts we need to manifest them, but if we don’t hold ourselves accountable in reaching our potential we’re basically throwing away our gifts. We have the tendency to give ourselves a lot of slack and that is why having an accountability partner, someone who will hold your feet to the fire isn’t a bad idea. Today, I was thrilled when a friend of mine brought up the idea of us holding one another accountable in accomplishing our goals. Not only did she bring up the idea she set a specific date and time for us to meet every week! So every Friday morning we’re going to meet and give each other an update on our goals. I’m excited to see how this will go and how it will motivate me and her. I thought I’d share this because one I think it’s a good idea and two it builds community with women that can encourage and inspire one another! I can’t wait to get together every Friday, have a cup of coffee and start being held accountable!


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