Day #100 of 100 Days of Happiness! The Final Day!

#100 is My Life Exactly The Way It Is!

Today is the last day of my 100 Days of Happiness Series! I can’t believe 100 days passes so quickly. This was a great exercise in seeking happiness. Even on rotten days I was able to find something that made me happy. So day #100 is I realized I am happy with my life exactly the way it is! I am so grateful to be alive,to have God in my life, to have a beautiful daughter, a cozy home, a flexible schedule, friends and health. I really have nothing to complain about even when I do complain because God has been so fantastically graciously good to me and I am so humbled by  his love and his provision.  Thank you for following my 100 days of happiness and I hope you try it sometime it really is a good eye opener! My final words… BE HAPPY! Love until you can’t love anymore and see all that is beautiful in your life, grab hold of it and cherish it greatly!

When she's around the sun is always shining!
When she’s around the sun is always shining!

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