Goal Update on A Healthy Me

Walking-Goal for the past week was 16 miles -Goal Met!
Monday-6.13 Miles walked 513 Calories burned
Tuesday-6.43 Miles walked 532 Calories burned
Wednesday-5.01 Miles walked 434 Calories burned
Thursday-No walking had a picnic for Anya
Friday- 5.24 Miles 474 Calories Burned
Total Miles Walked 22.81 Miles and 1953 Calories Burned! Yeah Surpassed My Goal
Since October 1st I’ve walked 31.2 Miles and in September I walked 48.9 miles (I walked 12 times) for a total of 80.1 miles.

Weights- Goal is 100 Reps 4x This week

Sunday-100 Repetitions with arm weights
Tuesday 100 Repetitions with arm weight
Crunches-100 Crunches 5x This week
Sunday-100 Crunches
Tuesday -100 Crunches

I’m falling really short on the weights and crunches not sure why, but I’m working on it

Love what I see on my walks!

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