Goal Update on A Healthy Me

Good news! I met my walking goal last week and today I did a 6 mile walk! It was so refreshing starting out my week with this long walk. When I got home I had the energy to go grocery shopping (hit 2 different stores), get gas, clean my house, do 3 loads of laundry, and start dinner for Anya before I picked her up from school. So here’s my update!

Walking-Goal for this week is 16 miles
Monday-6.13 Miles walked 513 Calories burned
Weights- Goal is 100 Reps 4x This week
Sunday-100 Repetitions with arm weights
Crunches-100 Crunches 5x This week
Sunday-100 Crunches 
I also need to incorporate more stretching and working with the medicine ball. 

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