A Cool New Way to Shop For Clothes…LIKEtoKNOW.it

I’m always saying that I should be more fashion forward and this new app is totally making me want to get my shop on! LIKEtoKNOW.it is a cool new service that plugs into Instagram and gives people a way to browse  items you can view in your Instagram feed and may want to buy. I think it is genius! Basically, top style bloggers show us what they’re wearing and if you click on the photo in the website not in Instagram (those links aren’t live) it will take you directly to wear you can buy what they are wearing. It is easy to sign up and a tutorial tells you exactly what to do to get started. 

For example, I’ll be going pumpkin picking a lot this fall, so I’m looking for a cute outfit that’s appropriate for the farm and I come across this outfit worn by a blogger from LemonStripes. So not only can I follow her on Instagram, I can click on her outfit and it will tell me exactly where to buy each item.  On Instagram if you like the photos, you’ll get an email with ready to shop product details. Very cool! I’ve tried it both ways on the website and Instagram and find both easy to use. I’m really liking this new app! 

LemonStripes Photo

The Plaid Shirt is from Old Navy and is $24.94, the Vest is also from Old Navy and is $34.94, the Hat is JCrew and is $39.50, and the Boot are Nine West and $179.00. Some of the items are pricey, but some are affordable and you get ideas on how to throw together a cute outfit!

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