What I’m Reading? How To Reach Your Full Potential for God by Charles Stanley

I’m always in search of a good book that inspires and motivates and today I was lucky to find, “How to Reach Your Full Potential For God, Never Settle Less than His Best,” by Charles Stanley. I’m a huge fan of Charles Stanley and I always find nuggets of wisdom in his sermons and books, so when I saw this on the shelf today it practically jumped in my hands! If you are doubting your spiritual gifts or your purpose I suggest picking this book up. I’m already on chapter 4 and I just bought it today!

I’m at that crossroad where I’m thirsting to reach my potential and do whatever it is that is in God’s will for me. I definitely feel over the past week God has been speaking to me about what I’m supposed to be doing and forcing me out of my comfort zone. Charles Stanley says in his book, “Do you want to live a satisfactory life or an outstanding life?” I think we’d all pick the later. He talks about 7 essential principals we need to pay attention to if we want to reach our potential for God. He makes the reader question if they want God’s best or do they want to settle for less. For myself, I know that I was settling recently in a situation that was going nowhere because it was comfy, but God snatched me out of it and is making me reevaluate what I’m going to do with my potential and spiritual gifts. Is it scary? Sure is, but it’s also exciting because I know that my heart and head are listening to God and he is paving the way for so much more!

If you’re looking for a last minute summer read to finish out the lazy days of summer I’d say pick this book up and start thinking about your potential for his Kingdom!

Check out his sermon on television this week, it is on how to respond to opportunity

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