Update on My Car Pay Off!

Awhile back I had a post about a goal of mine to pay off my car by the end of the year. Well, I am working towards it and some circumstances have changed so I’m not adding as much extra money as I anticipated, but the numbers aren’t looking bad. Here is the snapshot of where I am currently:

July Payments
July 15th – $280.00
July 25th- $50 (extra)

August Payments
August 8th- $227.00
August 14th- $30.00 (extra)

Pay Off Amount
$1355.48 not including the payment added today

Basically, I need to pay roughly 332.50 each month to pay it off by December. I’m determined, but the fact that it is at this amount makes me happy and I see the end! I’ll keep updating you on this goal.

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