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I was very late to the whole iPhone craze and didn’t really get what all the hoopla was about over this must have gadget. However, now that I own one it has helped me maintain some order in my life. With school starting and schedules starting to fill up it only makes sense to start recording those dates that you need to remember and keep your to do lists up to date. If you have a phone that allows you to download apps, take advantage of some of the cool apps they have for moms on  the go! There are so many out there that are worth taking a look at, but I wanted to tell you about the one I use which is Cozi. It is free to sign up and you have the option to upgrade or not.

Cozi is simple to navigate through and gives me exactly what I need to keep my week running smooth. If you visit their website at  it is very comprehensive and even provides resources in the Live Simply section that include topics such as Kids and Family, Meal Planning, Home and Organize Lists and Calendars, and Expert Videos. I like this app because it is really geared towards moms and their families.

If you struggle with keeping your children’s father in the loop you can actually share this app’s centralized calendar with him so that you can record school trips, events, parent teacher meetings, extracurricular activities, doctor appointments and anything else that you both have to be kept aware about in the course of the year. I think this is a great way to cut down on miscommunication and keep your coparenting peaceful. If your child is old enough to have a phone and you feel comfortable downloading this app for them you can share the calendar with them as well.

I utilize the calendar, the To Do Lists, and the Shopping List. However, Cozi has other feature  including Contacts and Birthdays at the Gold Level. Currently, I have the free app which suits my needs perfectly. The one feature I find useful is when you open the app it gives you a complete overview of your day including your appointments, to do lists, etc. along with great little tips. If you are interested in the Gold Level Membership there is a list of the enhanced benefits. Check it out at  Cozi Gold it is $29.99 for the year. I definitely give this app a big thumbs up and so do a lot of others, read the great reviews!

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