Staples Deals for Back to School Supplies… I”m Impressed

Staples Deals for Back to School Supplies
I’ve been looking for the best deals on school supplies and I have to say I’m surprised that Staples has some really good deals. As of today below are some of the common items on the supply list I found to have really reasonable prices. I also looked at Target and Walmart, but can’t say I was that impressed. I’ll post some of those deals tomorrow, but thought I’d share these tonight! I’m in Maryland so you will want to confirm prices in your area. Also for my Maryland mommas don’t forget this is tax free time! This is only a sample of the supplies so check out their site at:
.50 Cents Each

.68 Each

.96 For a 3 pack

.68 for a dozen #2 pencils

$3.75 for 25 in a Box
.97 For a Pack of 12 
.82 Each

.17 Each
$1.25 for a 4 Pack

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