Our Circumstances are Opportunities

Learn to look in the horizon of God’s purpose for you

So much of our suffering originates with not being content, being dissatisfied with what we have or don’t have, and living in a state of anxiety about the future. When we can’t find contentment with what God has already blessed us with we live in a constant state of striving and that striving chips away at that peaceful place in our heart that comes with being content in all circumstances. Even when our circumstances aren’t what we wish them to be they are still valuable. Our circumstances especially the difficult ones draws us closer to God. Those circumstances that seem so unbearable, so scary, so impossible are actually opportunities for us to build a stronger and more authentic relationship with God. In those darkest times is when God’s presence is strongest. It is then that God shows his mercy, grace and unconditional love. He clothes us with his love when the world has stripped us naked leaving us bare and vulnerable, it is then that God covers us with his protection.

Circumstances are temporary, but our relationship with God is eternal. Doesn’t that just give you comfort knowing that all the trials you face in this world will pass but God never changes, you can rely on him and there are no strings attached, no conditions just God loving you. When we get stuck focusing on our circumstances our faith can flounder. Instead of remembering how with God nothing is impossible we only see all of the obstacles which can appear insurmountable. When our circumstances are less than favorable I believe we need to prayerfully ask God how can I use this situation to serve you? What opportunity should I be taking advantage of during this time? If you lost your job, instead of freaking out ask God, “Ok Lord, this job is gone, so how is this an opportunity for me to do your will?”  Yes, it is financially scary to lose a job, but maybe God is pushing you to do something else that is in his purpose for you and the only way you can do that is if you are forced out of the complacency that so often keeps us from pursuing what we should be doing with our gifts that are God given.

Our circumstances and trials matures us, strengthen us and teaches us invaluable life lessons if we allow them to do so instead of fighting against them. There was a rough time in my life when I was experiencing endings that I wasn’t prepared to face. About six years ago my grandmother was dying, my relationship with my daughter’s father was ending and the grief I felt from all these life altering experiences was suffocating. Eventually my grandmother passed and I became a single mom. It was a crucial turning point in my life. It was then that God made his appearance in my life in such a profound way that I had no choice but to change my life. My circumstances led me to him and gave me a deeper strength and faith. I was seeking him because he was my lifeline and he had always been pursuing me. God changed my life as a woman, a mother and as his child and I have no doubt that those circumstances that seemed to be taking my life away was actually life giving.

I’m speaking to everyone, but especially you single moms out there who may be facing some tough challenges, look at your circumstances as an opportunity to grow in your faith, to explore new avenues, and most of all to relish in knowing that God has you always in the good, the bad and the ugly. Be still in him and know that no circumstance is wasted and they are temporary, how you live through it will make the difference. Think of how much you gain when you come through to the other end after a rough patch, and the testimony you can share with others. That testimony is not only exalting and glorifying God, but we are serving others, which is what we are here to do.  When you accept where you are and bring it to God he will lead you and give you the contentment the rises you above your circumstances.

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