Praying for Ann Devert and Inspired By Harry Devert

I have a personal request for all you mommas out there tonight.  Please unite in prayer with me for Ann Devert whose son, Harry Devert was senselessly murdered in Mexico while traveling on a transcontinental trip from the United States to Latin America. Remains were found in two bags near the motorcycle he was riding and according to DNA tests conducted Harry Devert, a beautiful 32 year old man with a love for the world and adventure is gone. An amazing soul just taken from this earth for no reason at all. I can’t fathom the devastation his mother is feeling. Harry had been missing since January and just like any momma out there who loves her kids Ann was searching tirelessly, refusing to give up and keeping the hope alive that she would find her precious son. I never met Ann, but I’m sure she is like so many of us who love our children. We would fight tooth and nail for them, scour the earth to find them and ferociously protect them with every fiber of our being because that’s what mom’s do and no one will ever have their child’s back like their mother.

Today as I watched Anya bounce out of summer camp and vacation bible school later tonight laughing, carefree and so happy I said a silent prayer for her. I prayed that God would always protect my sweet girl from all the craziness of this world. I believe if something as horrific happened to my daughter as it did to Harry I would die. My heart would stop beating and I would die, and to be honest I’d be okay with that because I can’t comprehend that type of loss. When I read about Harry Devert I instantly wanted to know more about this larger than life guy because of his thirst for life  and his courage to take risks. Actually, my desire is for Anya to possess that type of zeal for life, I want her to be curious about the world and to travel to places that most people only read about. I do my best to teach her that  it’s okay to step outside the box and to instill in her a love for traveling. Matter of fact, I hope to take her to Portugal for her birthday next year to wet her appetite for  travelling abroad. But, I would be remiss if I didn’t admit that I’m terrified for her in this world where people shoot planes out of skies, and brutally kill innocent people without one care for the lives that they have blown apart.

Yet, we want to give our children wings, we want them to soar to heights that even we have never reached because we want them to experience life in all it’s beauty. We want them to walk boldly in the world taking it all in and giving it all they got. We want them to make a difference, to touch lives and to be touched, we pray that they fall in love and experience the beautiful, complicated stories that it brings. Because, that’s what makes life meaningful. At some point we must let them fly it’s our duty. We get the privilege to watch them to take off and be lifted into this thing called life. At that point they are writing the pages of their own book and we can just pray for their safe journey and a happy ending. I believe this is what Ann did for Harry. On his Facebook page, Ann relayed this message she had gotten from Harry, “Ma! Everything is a miracle! I love my life!” Harry Russell Edouard Devert, August 15, 2013. As a mom I think this is one of the best messages you could ever receive. Harry viewed life as a miracle and what better message is there? Harry saw what so many people don’t see even after 90 years of life and he was 32 that life is worth loving and experiencing to the brim. Harry got it! His was a life well lived in fact it was extraordinary and no one can take the indelible mark he left on those who knew him and those who didn’t, like myself.

I think a life cherished, loved and appreciated  is what we all want for our children and all we could ask for, isn’t it? So please pray for Ann, her family and for all of our own children who will take flight in a very uncertain world. But let’s also pray that like Harry they love their life and can see the beauty of the world even amidst the ashes.

I was going to provide the CNN link to this tragedy, but I find it fitting instead to look at Harry’s life. Take a look at his blog A New Yorker Travels

Harry Devert From A New Yorker Travels

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