Passing Down a Cloud of Witnesses to Our Children. Never Underestimate a Spiritual Legacy!

This simply makes me happy! Whenever I’m having a bad day I’m going to visualize this picture in my mind.

This was before bedtime. Anya had her bible, her journal and my grandmother’s bible out as she wrote and studied Genesis. She said keeping my grandma’s bible open made her feel closer to her and encourages her to study the bible. The bond Anya still has with my grandma who passed away when she was almost 2 is incredible and is from God. Again, my Eva is close to us always passing on her legacy.

It is such a gift to pass down the spiritual legacies to our children left to us from our grandparents, parents, friends, and from mentors in the church. Our kids need that rich history of people to motivate them on their on spiritual journey. The bible speaks of the cloud of witnesses, I believe each of us have our witnesses that we can teach our children about on a daily basis. By taking what we learn from those who nurtured and encouraged our own spiritual  walk and passing it down to our children we can keep a legacy of faith going.

That adage it takes a village to raise a child is true on so many fronts, especially in the spiritual realm. If you are a Christian then it is your responsibility to teach your children about Christ, help them learn his word, and surround them with those who are spiritually encouraging and nurturing. Building a spiritual foundation for our children is not a one person job, so gather your workers and start this amazing journey for your child and for the body of Christ.

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