Ode to My Beautiful Friend, Christina Who Is Making it Happen!!

I’m so proud of my friend Christina, who is not only a wonderful person but a beautiful girlfriend who has shown me love and kindness ever since I met her. We have shared so much together… laughs, tears, kids, single mom stuff, heartaches, sushi 🙂 and much more. She is the one person I can rely on and call whenever I need a shoulder to cry on or a favor. She understands me and accepts me with all my flaws and faults. She is also a role model and mentor to me. This past year Christina was trying to buy a house, a fresh new step for her and her daughter. It wasn’t easy, but she did it! She persevered and never gave up. She is quite the business woman I must say, not only does she have another house she rents out she bought a new house that needed some renovations. I meant renovations like electrical wiring, tearing down walls, putting in a kitchen kind of work. I can’t even comprehend everything that she needs to do because it makes my head swirl! Instead of being intimidated she jumped right in, spending hours at home depot and doing her homework on finding the right contractors to get the job done. Did I mention she is a single mom? Yes , and a rocking one!

Regardless of the obstacles she’s come against she keeps moving forward! She has shown with hard work, dedication and passion you can achieve whatever it is you want! So today I want to say thank you to my lovely and tenacious friend Christina for showing me that you can make it happen! Christina, I’ve always said you don’t know how strong you are and I meant that, but I hope when you look in the mirror you are proud of the woman, friend, and mother you are. You are an inspiration to me and any woman who has a dream. I love you to the moon my dear friend and my life is 548454845 times better with you in it! I can’t wait to throw that housewarming party for you!!!

She is orchestrating this whole renovation process! So proud of her!

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  1. I’m speechless! Really, don’t know what to say. Thank you for this lovely, heartfelt post. The sentiments are mutual.My heart is so warm . . .

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