A Day In The Life of Me

6:10 am – Alarm goes off I hit snooze
6:30 am – Hit snooze again
6:50 am- Yep you guessed it
7:10 am -Finally get out of bed
7:20 am – Getting late! Made Anya breakfast
7:25 am- I get dressed
7:35 am- Anya gets dressed
7:40 am – Gather the goods and head out the door
7:45 am- Anya yanks the car door open and the handle comes off !!! No issues in 4 years  with the car and my 2nd grade iron woman takes the handle off!
7:50 am – Stop at 7/11 because I have to Get 5 bucks out for pizza day for Anya, still distressed about door! Get 2 bananas so I can get cash out because the atm will give me a 20 and have no time to get change
8:20 am- arrive at school, kiss the fabulous kiddo and tell her I know she didn’t mean to rip our door off
8:25 am- driving and realize I forgot to give Anya her money and have to turn around!!
8:35 am- screech up to the curb run out and into the school waving $5 bill in hand. Apologize for interrupting and run back to car, peeling off
8:44 am- dial into conference call to talk about my to do’s, my stucks and my priorities that seem not to vary from Monday to Wednesday to Friday. Good news Wednesday huddle will be eliminated so only have to repeat myself Monday and Friday!
8:46 am- Excitement about elimination of huddle is squashed when I spill coffee in the car and have nothing to clean it up with! So puddle of coffee must stay in beverage nook for 7.5 hours!
8:50 am-Walking to job and realize I left my computer in the car!!! Have to go back to parking lot and into car with no handle that smells like coffee and vanilla creamer!
9:00 am- Finally get in the office after a Freaky Friday morning!
12:30 pm-Eat a salad I made
1:00 pm- Realize a mailbox I inherited has over 5,000 emails some dating back to 2012…why??
3:30 pm- Getting giddy realizing the time is drawing near for me to go home
4:00 pm After lots of work I roll out of there!
4:30 pm- Pick up Anya from aftercare she is happy that our schedule is going back to normal
5:00 pm- Pick up a pizza … It is Friday
5:15 pm- Ear more than I should
6:30 pm – Throw shoes and coat on and pick up an adorable 4 yr old so her momma could get some work done
6:50 pm- Watch Veggie Tales
8:00 pm- Play Hungry Hippos
8:15 pm- Watch Some Puppy Paws Movie they are all really the same! Just a bunch of cute talking dogs!
9:00 pm- Put kids in Jammie’s
9:10 pm- Get talked into letting them watch one more movie in bed
10:30 pm- Kids are sleeping
11:54 pm- Finishing up a post and saying goodnight! Goodnight!!!

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