Working Mom Tip for Lunch!

Every single mom I know is a working mom. In our busy day time is of the essence and so is money. One way I save money and time is bringing my lunch to work. I actually work at home, but this month I am in the office. I live in an expensive city and lunch can easily run $10.00 a day plus $8.00 a day in parking that can be a whopping $300.00 a month!! Isn’t that insane! Even if I am paying a little less for lunch it is still a ridiculous amount of money. Although I can’t skip out on the parking I can bring my lunch and save some money. If you are in this situation, my tip for bringing lunch is to make something on Sunday that you can bring for the week. Some easy meals are:

  • Soups. I made a huge pot of chicken noodle soup that will last at least for the week. This time of year nothing warms your belly more  than a big old bowl of soup.
  • Pastas. You can make a pan of your favorite pasta that can carry you for a few days. Try to add some protein to it so you aren’t just eating carbs.
  • Salads. I say if you can bring a big salad every day, then go for it! Add protein and all your favorite toppings and this can totally satisfy you and is easy to prepare ahead of time.
  • Slow cooker recipes are the best! Find your favorite recipe and prepare it a day before and your set!

Also, pack snacks in the beginning of the week. One of my favorites are cheese, grapes, crackers and a hard boiled egg. I can put the grapes and cheese in 5 baggies for Monday -Friday. I add the crackers in the morning because you don’t want them getting soggy. The egg adds the protein to give you a boost.

Preparing your own lunches can be simple, inexpensive and healthy. Take that extra $5-$7 bucks and sock it away for something fun!

Check out these sites for some easy recipes and ideas!

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