Sermon Inspiration Day 5: Passing Opportunities, Are We Letting Our Blessings Pass Us By?

I hope you have enjoyed these sermons from Charles Stanley and are able to use them as you work towards your goals in 2014. The last sermon is Passing Opportunities Part 1 and 2. Charles Stanley describes opportunities as a favorable time or occasion, a special moment when we are can make a decision that will impact our lives in a positive way. He says God gives us opportunities every day and we need to be sensitive to them because they may not be around long. We don’t want opportunities to pass by!

He tells us that we are where we are right now because of opportunities we have been given. Now that can be a good thing and maybe not. If we allow opportunities pass we may not be in the place that we hoped to be in. He gives us thee example of the blind man in Mark 10:46-52 and how he took the opportunity to call out to Jesus and ask for his sight. If he had let the opportunity pass because he thought he was just a poor beggar who had no chance of talking to Jesus or would’ve listened to those who said be quiet he would have never gotten his sight, instead he continued to cried out to Jesus and because of his faith he was healed. In fact Jesus stood still while on his journey to listen to a poor beggar do you not think he is listening to you?

Every day we have opportunities discern where they are coming from and use spiritual discernment to take advantage of them.

This sermon can be found by visiting:
2) Go to search for archives and go to page 82 or go to the month and year
3) Click on Passing Opportunities Part 1 June 13, 2011 and Part 2 June 14, 2011

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  1. I have not heard this sermon yet. I do adore Charles Stanley messages. He was here in Las Vegas a few months back signing his new book on Emotions. It always seems as if he has messages magically design just for us at the magically right time. Pretty AWESOME!!! I really love your blog and follow it more lately.

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