Sermon Inspiration Day 3: Success Blockers by Charles Stanley- Start Knocking These Blockers Down!

In this sermon Charles Stanley talks about what hinders us from succeeding in life. Now this isn’t success that is defined by the world. This is the success that enables you to become the person God wants you to be. God has a plan and will for each of us and the race is set before us. We don’t have to wonder what our purpose is God will clearly show you what that purpose is. There are 7 Success Blockers that we need to be aware of if we are going to succeed.

7 Success Blockers:

1) Fear- That uneasy feeling when we feel threatened or inadequate. This is one of the primary reasons that we don’t succeed. Fear doesn’t come from God. We have the promise of his provision and we have the Holy Spirit and the living God in you to be successful. When you put your focus on your circumstances instead of Jesus we let our emotions to overcome us.

2) Doubt- Uncertain feeling and lack of assurance. A person who is a doubter is unsteady. If you ask for wisdom than you have to believe that God will give it you. How can you expect to receive anything if you are unstable and doubting? Doubting throws you emotionally off base and it becomes a blocker.

3) Excuses- When we make excuses on why we can’t achieve what God wants us to do. Instead get the skills that will enable you fulfill your purpose.

4) Procrastinator- This is a discomfort dodger. In order to dodge discomfort you put what you need to do off. Lay aside all those things that entangle you and block you from the blessings God has already intended for you. If you miss what you are supposed to do in life it is because you chose to do so.

5) Greed-Insatiable hunger and craving for more than we need or could use. God is not going to help you if you are going to hoard for yourself. God blesses givers.

6) Violation of our Conscious- This is our inner alarm system that God gave us to warn us against danger and moral dangers in our life. How can we as God to succeed if we willfully and deliberately violate our conscious that has been programmed by God. When we violate our conscious we surrender our right to ask God to help us achieve our goals.

7) Slothfulness-When we are lazy in our work we will destroy things. Ask yourself if you are diligent in your work?

Let’s tear these blocks down and get to work!

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3) Click on Success Blockers, September 21, 2013

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