Sermon Inspiration Day 2: Charles Stanley Sermon, The Keys to Success-5 Prinicpals You Need to Know

Charles Stanley’s Sermon, “The Keys To Success,” is the next sermon in our Inspirational Week. This is a 2 part sermon that you are going to find so spiritually satisfying! Here is just a glimpse of the 5 Principals he mentions in Part 1.

5 Principals in “The Keys to Success” Part 1 and Part 2

1) Ministry or service is not something we do for God, but rather something that God does through us. Whatever God calls you to do you can do well because the spirit of God is working in you to complete the his will. God will enable you to do the work he enables you to do. One the works is completed the glory goes to God.

2) No matter who is the object of our service it is the Lord whom we serve. Ephesians 6 v. 5, Serve as though you are serving Christ and do the will of God from the heart. Colossians 3:22, Serve with a sincere heart and do your work wholeheartedly. When you come up against opposition whether it be a person or situation, remember that you are doing this for Jesus not man. When you serve Jesus this effects the quality of your work.

3) We serve out of our spiritual gift not out of our natural talent. Romans 12:5, God doesn’t give us all the same gift according to his grace and we should exercise it in that way. 1 Peter 4 Serving the Lord is not an option. You can serve God by serving someone else. Ask  the Lord how can I use my talents and gifts to serve others?

4) Realize you can not serve God and yourself at the same time. Luke 16:13 No servant can serve two masters. If you serve two masters you will despise one. You don’t tell the Lord where you will serve or it doesn’t fit in your schedule, you have to make the adjustments to serve according to his will. If you serve for him then you will serve out of humility and not out of glory for yourself. All we have to do is be obedient to him and cloth ourselves with humility. If you are serving yourself than you are serving on man’s approval not the Lords.

 5) We realize when real ministry takes place. When divine resources meet human needs through a loving channel than real ministry has taken place. When God sees your needs also sees an available person who will obey God and they become the channel so that you can get your need fulfilled. In this triangle, 3 things must happen, you have to be aware of the need, be available, and rely on God within me to be the channel through which that need is met.

 This two part series is so powerful! Take a few minutes and be blessed by listening.

This sermon can be found by visiting:
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3) Click on Keys To Success Part 1 October 22, 2013 and Part 2 October 23, 2013

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