It’s Inspiration Week!!! Sermon Inspiration: Day 1: Listen to Charles Stanley’s Sermon on Goal Setting the Key to Success

Can you believe we are entering into the last week of January? The first month of 2014 is nearly over, have you been as gung ho as you were on December 31st about your aspirations for the new year?  This is about the time that our fervor for our goals can begin to wane. So. I thought having posts about inspiration may not be such a bad idea! So welcome to Inspiration Week!

During Inspiration Week I will share posts in the form of sermons, books, scriptures and blogs that will hopefully encourage you and motivate you. Life is a gift and we’re only here for a short period of time, so why not spend our time purposefully. My hope is that these resources encourage you to work toward your goals and desires. Are you ready for the first resource to get you fired up? Ok, check it out!

The first resource is a sermon from Charles Stanley, who I can listen to all day because of his scripturally sound sermons. His broadcast, “Goal Setting the Key to Success,” is chockfull of good advice for anyone who is trying to pursue their goals, regardless of what they are. These sermons are in his archive so I can’t post a direct link, but I’m going to post the link to go to and then the page # and date that the sermon is found on.

Please go to the following link:
2) Go to Search and then page 14 of the archives or go to the month and year
3) The title of sermons are: Goal Setting: Keys to Success Part 1 (August 13,2013) Part 2 (August 24, 2013)

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