God Can Calm The Rough Waters in Your Life!

Lately, I’ve been in contact with women who are facing some serious storms in their lives. I have my own rough waters that have been rocking my boat, so I know their pain. When we are in the midst of a storm drowning seems like a very real possibility. These storms leave us gasping, flailing and filled with anxiety. But, we have to remember that God has the power to calm those waters. In Matthew 8:23, Jesus got into a boat and the disciples followed him. There was a furious storm and the waves were sweeping over the boat. But, Jesus was sleeping until the disciples woke him saying, “Lord save us we’re going to drown!” Jesus replied, “You of little faith why are you so afraid?” Then he got up and rebuked the waves and it was completely calm. This scriptures speaks volumes about the awesome power of God and how we must put our faith in him.

Let’s break it down. as Christians we are disciples and followers of Christ. We follow him, we believe in his word and we have faith in him. We follow him not because it is the cool thing to do, on the contrary being a Christian in a society that doesn’t revere the Lord can be very challenging and counter cultural, but we do it because we love our Lord and rejoice in being his children. We are in the boat with our Savior. Sometimes we rest comfortably in the boat. The waters are calm and reassuring that we are floating right along in life. The horizon appears clear and it is smooth sailing ahead. This is when our faith is strong. We don’t doubt God because our circumstances are good.

Cut to the darkened clouds, the strong winds, the rough waters that suddenly appear out of nowhere and begin swaying us from side to side and threaten to drag us underwater. Jesus is still in the boat with us, but we start to panic, we are afraid that the water will overcome us and we’ll be dragged into the pit of the sea. We start gasping for air, crying and clutching on to the sides of the boat hoping not to meet our demise. “Where is my Lord? Doesn’t he know that our boat is going to overturn and I will be lost?” Suddenly all of the comfort you felt is gone. All the blessed assurance you experienced while sailing toward the horizon has suddenly disappeared and is replaced by stress and fear. Jesus in the meantime is quiet.  He is well aware of your circumstances and is not shaken. Nothing will happen unless it is in his will.

You begin to call him frantically, “Lord, help me, I’m surely going to drown, please listen to my prayer.” Our Father who is immeasurably good rises and rebukes the wind and the violent storm that is raging in your life. It may come rather sudden. One day you are in the eye of the storm and the next day the sun is out and your sailing again toward the horizon. Or maybe he lets the storm last awhile and keeps you clinging on to the sides of your boat, but however he decides to respond he is still in the boat with you. He never forsakes you because he loves you.

“Oh you of little faith, why are you so afraid?” In retrospect, how many times have we asked ourselves this very question when we witnessed the mighty hand of God work in our circumstances? Why are we of such little faith when our Lord has proved to  be faithful to us time and time again. Fear is from the enemy. The enemy’s plan is to plant the seeds of doubt in us so that he can worm his way into our hearts and mind. He schemes to fill us with everything that our Father negates! No storm is too strong for our Father to calm. He will never leave you alone in the boat. He is the captain of your ship and he knows exactly what storms you need to weather through and for how long. All you have to do is trust him, have faith in his promise and allow him to steer you through the waters. Follow him, have faith in him and that he is your Lord.

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