DIY Coconut and Sugar Facial Scrub! It is Simple and Effective!

I love a good  DIY facial! For me to try it, it has to be simple and not have too many ingredient or steps. I found this coconut and sugar facial scrub recipe that fits the bill. This was so easy and moisturizing that I definitely will be using it again soon.  Here is all you need to create this delicious smelling scrub:

1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil
1 Tablespoon of granulated white sugar (I’m going to try brown sugar next)
A drop of Vanilla
A few drops of Cinnamon

Coconut Oil has so many uses it is totally worth buying a jar
Mix it in a bowl, if you want to use it as a body scrub just get a bigger container
This mixture smelled great and felt better on my skin! It lasted 3 days!

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