Book Inspiration Day 5: Dare To Dream by Paula White -Sounds Good to Me!

Dare to Dream by Paula White is an inspiring book that encourages the reader to move beyond fear, failure and pain and move into embracing all that God has to offer you. The reason I found this book useful is that it makes you do some serious self examination and I think that is important as we try to grow into the person God wants us to be. So many of us have dreams and goals but have no idea how to manifest them. One of the first things we need to do is to work through the stuff and the emotional baggage that starts to hang on us weighing us down and making us too exhausted to pursue anything. In Dare to Dream, Paula talks about these vital topics:

  • See Yourself Through New Eyes (drilling to the core of your identity, seeing yourself as God sees and evaluating your life and future on God’s terms)
  • Become an Expert on the Subject of You (ask yourself tough questions, she address 4 critical insights, and conducting your own needs analysis)
  • Move Beyond Loss (lose without losing your identity, make the decision to get up and go forward, regain your significance, 8 vital steps to recovery)
  • Shake off Painful Memories, Worries, Fears and Failures (health your emotional pain, take the risk and try again, accept change as good)
  • Take Control Over What You Think Say and Believe (take control of what you think, reinforce your thoughts by what you say, change faulty habits)
  • Establish New Boundaries (set healthy boundaries, the art of saying no, clear up boundary confusion)
  • Embrace a Lifetime of Discovery and Transformation(dare to dream new dreams, take on the challenge of continual growth, and enjoy your journey and yourself)

This is a meaty book that requires you to be honest and do some serious reflection on your life. I think it is perfect for the new year!

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