Book Inspiration Day 1: Successful Women Think Differently By Valorie Burton

Previously, I wrote a review on Valorie Burton’s book, “Happy Women Live Better,” and I found it be a great read that had practical and applicable tips to apply to every day life. So, you won’t be surprised that I’m suggesting you read, “Successful Women Think Differently: 9 Habits to Make You Happier, Healthier and More Resilient.” In the book she uses real life stories of women who share their success and failures, research, coaching questions,  and spiritual insights.

Before she dives into the 9 habits, she discusses seven key decisions that are meant to steer you in the right direction, which include;  (1) Not downsizing your dreams, (2) focusing on solutions not problems, (3) being authentic, (4) choosing courage over fear, (5) choosing relationships wisely, (6)seeking feedback and (7) knowing your purpose and taking daily actions in the direction of your vision.

The meat of the book addresses 9 habits that can help us reach our goals which are:

  • Habit One: Believe You Can Do It (How you explain your success and failures predicts more about your potential than you think)
  • Habit Two: Get Off the Hedonic Treadmill (Why we are poor predictors of our own happiness and how you can get it right)
  • Habit Three: Stop Trying to Fix Your Weaknesses (Why you should stop obsessing about what’s wrong with you and start building on what’s right)
  • Habit Four: Build Your Muscle of Self Control (Why talent is enough and how to build the trait that will take you to the top)
  • Habit Five: Cultivate Positive Emotion
  • Habit Six: Be Prepared for Battle (Expect obstacles and have a proven plan to overcome them)
  • Habit Seven: Don’t Be a Maximizer (Overabundance can rob you of satisfaction)
  • Habit Eight: Don’t Go it Alone (Authentic connection is important)
  • Habit Nine: Write it Down

Sounds transforming doesn’t it? If you want to read more about it before you buy it, go to Barnes and Noble to read a sample at

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