Be Not Afraid in 2014

Another 365 days has passed. Amazing isn’t it, how quickly time passes and all the moments that happen in those 365 days that shape our lives, create memories and experiences occur in 12 months. Are you grateful for them? The good, the bad, the heartbreaking the joyful and the devastating? Are you consciously aware that every single moment was not a mistake? I am, in a sense I’m painfully aware of this but it makes me not afraid. Not afraid to face another year, not afraid to face the unknown, not afraid of the successes or failures that will come, and not afraid to take chances. I’m not afraid because I’m so sure of myself, but because I’m so sure that God is in control. There is nothing that will happen to me that isn’t in his will for my life.

So if you are going to make one resolution this year I urge you to, ‘be not afraid.’ Walk bravely into the blank days of 2014 allowing God to be the light for the path for your footsteps. Be not afraid of where the days will lead you, but put your faith in him. Whatever it is that your facing whether it is financial strain, maybe a custody issue, or a personal Goliath that is stomping it’s feet at your door, ‘Be Not Afraid.’ Know that every situation is to bring you closer to him and when you are walking with God there is no fear only a deep sense of contentment knowing that he is with you. God created you and loves you with a love that we can’t begin to comprehend, do you not think he knows every single complex situation in your life and already has a solution in store for you?

What would you do if you let fear fall to the wayside? How would your life be different? What would you accomplish if fear wasn’t a factor? Are you afraid to think about the possibilities? Are you afraid to release your limits? “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God, I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous hand.” Isaiah 41:10. If we depend on our own strength we have reason to fear but with his strength there are no impossibilities only the possible. There is no reason to dismay, when we have hope in our Lord. So go ahead and reach for your dreams, allow God to take down the blockades that fear has built around you. Let him tear them down so you can build what is in his will for your life.

This year I had friendships that ended, jobs that were a disappointment, revelations that shocked me, but through all of this I had hope, I had faith and God saw me through. It wasn’t easy and I would lie if I said I never doubted him, because I did. But he always had a way of showing me his hand at work. I witnessed his protection, I felt his love and I realized that whatever is thrown at me, God isn’t going anywhere. God also showed me his amazing way of fixing me or fixing situations. He has picked me up when I was broken, he has provided me with opportunities, answered prayers, forgiven me, shown me grace, given me joy and a deep sense of gratitude for the life and family he has blessed me mightily with. Most of all he has taught me to not be afraid for he is real and he is love. I am reminded of when the angel visited Mary, Zechariah, and Joseph. He always said, “Do not be afraid,” I don’t believe that was by coincidence, do you? How do you deal with fear? Are you answering like Mary, who said, “I am the Lord’s servant, May it be to me as you have said?” Or are you fighting it by relying on your human intuition? Let yourself be not afraid and be the Lord’s soldier and let him guide you to the work that is to be done.

So as the clock strikes midnight tonight, thank him for those past 365 days, be grateful for each breath and each lesson learned. Hold tightly to those you love and with courage and faith welcome 2014 with open arms and with the love of God.

Happy New Year friends, I wish you all the love your heart can handle.

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