This Mom’s Coupon Tip! Stop Letting Them Expire, Keep Them Close! Keep Them in the Car!

One of my goals is to pay down some debt and to save some money. So I should probably stop throwing parties for Anya! Just joking, but I am cutting back and using coupons. I come from a coupon cutting family. I can picture my grandma sitting at the table with her glasses on cutting the coupons out and separating them meticulously. I really didn’t get into the coupon thing, but recently I thought, why wouldn’t I try to save money? I do get coupons, but I always let them expire. So I begin to think if they are in sight then I will be more likely to use them.

I bought the Sunday newspaper, cut out coupons and purchased this little accordion folder and categorized the coupons. When I go to the grocery store or any store for that fact I’m usually in my car so it only makes sense to keep them there. So my tip is keep your coupons in your car! The accordion folder will let you separate the coupons. I suggest breaking them down into logical categories for example:

For example, make one slot has household items such as garbage bags, ziplock bags, dish detergent, etc. The next slot is baking coupons, the next is sauces and so forth. Make it easy to grab the coupons you need and make them available. Another way to separate is by expiration date so you don’t allow those coupons to expire! If your coupons are by stores you can arrange them by store category.

Here are my coupon tips!

  • Keep the coupon organizer in your car
  • Create a filing system that is sensible and convenient for you
  • Don’t forget to carry cloth or reusable bags in your car to do your part for the environment and in my case it saves me 5 cents!
Happy Shopping!
You can get one of these coupon organizers for a buck at the Dollar Store

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