Gratitude Day #26 Grateful for My Relationship With My Brother

Gratitude Day #26:
I always wanted a brother and when my mom told me she was pregnant when I was 14 years old I was thrilled. I can still remember the day she went into labor and I later saw the 10 pound cherub  little baby that was my brother. That little baby is now a grown man who makes me proud and my heart sing! My brother has a heart of gold. When it was time for him to go to college he lived at home and commuted so that he could help take care of my grandma when she was diagnosed with Alheizmers. He would take care of her in ways that a son would. When she came in the kitchen with only a bra on because she forgot to put her shirt on my brother just kindly got her shirt and explained she should put it on so she wouldn’t get cold. When she lost control of her bowels he cleaned it up without one complaint. The list goes on and on of his unselfishness. He is always there to help our family. He is a wonderful uncle who spoils my daughter regardless of how much I beg him not to! We have a great time together when I see him and I am so grateful that God gave me such a blessing! My mother has two brothers and her one brother doesn’t speak to her. They have a long and complicated relationship and although she has reached out in the past no progress has been made in the mending of their relationship. He doesn’t even speak to me and it breaks my heart for both of them because life is so precious and short, and our relationships on this earth are only for a time. It reminds me to treasure even more this lovely relationship I have with my brother.

My Bro!

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