Gratitude Day #23 Grateful for My Dad

Gratitude Day #23
I am grateful for my dad. My dad is a real father, the kind of father who is there for you any time of the night or day, a father who will move you from apartment to apartment and state to state, a dad who will take thousands of dollars out of his retirement to put toward your custody case and never ask for a dime back, the kind of father who sat in a courtroom for 2 days to support you during that custody case and was your strength,  the one who told you how proud he was of the mother and woman  you became, he is the man who instilled a fight in you, he was the dad who ran on the bus on your eighth grade trip to Toronto to give you the camera he promised after working 14 hours, the man you can call anytime of the day or night to talk to, he’s the dad that held your hand and calmed your nerves when you found out you were going to have a C-section, he’s the guy who drove 4 hours to bring you home on Christmas Eve when your grandmother was dying and who picked you up off the ground when she did, the dad who never minds being your date at a wedding when you have none,  he’s the one who dealt with your smart mouth when you were a teenager and loved you through it anyway, and he is the dad that without a doubt loves you and your daughter unconditionally. That is my dad the one that I love with all my heart and am eternally grateful for in my life. I love you the dad!

An Oldie of My lovely Parents

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