Gratitude Day #13! Grateful for My Car!

Gratitude Day 13:
I feel extremely blessed to have a car especially in this cold weather! Today as I was walking to my car to pick up Anya for school I had a flashback of the days when I didn’t have a car and we would walk everywhere even when it was cold. I would have her in her stroller bundled up with the plastic over the stroller walking as quickly as I could to get to my destination. God still blessed me with a home that was in walking distance to Anya’s daycare, the grocery store and the metro. It was great exercise, but when I got my car I was beyond thankful. Today I remembered those days and counted my blessings as I got into my warm car and picked her up.

Pre Car Days! (Just one of many strollers)
One of our 1st Trips in our Car to the Outer Banks

2 Replies to “Gratitude Day #13! Grateful for My Car!”

  1. Hi Chere,

    Your blog is truly inspirational. I love it! I am a single mom too, and I remember how I felt when I got a new car about five years ago. My old Kia had seen it’s better days, and it would often leave me on the side of the road, calling for help, but I’m happy to say I’ve gotten a better car. Nowadays my daughter, who is now 17, often laughs when she thinks about those broke-down car days.

  2. Thank you Tee Michelle Mills for reading and your comment! Yes, isn’t wonderful to look back and see how God works! I laugh too! I used to call my stroller my car!! LOL! Thanks again for your sweet comment!

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