Free Birds.. Not A Movie You Want to Take Your Kids To See..

I normally don’t write reviews on movies that I actually go see, but today I was extremely disappointed when I took Anya to see, “Free Birds.” Anya had wanted to see this movie for awhile and we saw the previews which looked okay so unfortunately I didn’t research it and boy did I regret it taking her to see this movie.

The premise of the movie is about Reggie a turkey who was pardoned by the President so he wouldn’t be eaten for Thanksgiving. He’s taken to the White House and spends his day watching television and eating pizza and then Jake another turkey comes along and is convinced that they must go back in time to save all the turkeys from being eaten on Thanksgiving. So they go back in time in an egg shaped time machine. It was down hill from the beginning but then it gets really bad. It was full of violence and was  just  overall bad. Anya who is 7 actually said it was insulting! We left the movie before it ended at the request of my daughter, we also had a friends with us who shared the same desire to break camp. So here are just a few things I found to be  inappropriate for kids:

  • The President’s daughter is the one who chooses Reggie to be saved. At one point she is introducing Reggie to the staff, she introduces one overweight woman and says, “She eats her emotions,” then she says, “This woman is getting divorced, this woman has a crush on my dad, this guy is Bob he has issues.” She is portrayed as a little girl who watches television all day and then quickly falls asleep and has no attention span for anything unless it is television, but worse is how she insults adults and makes rude comments that weren’t cute  in fact it was down right disrespectful.
  • There is a ton of violence that is portrayed through the use of  guns, menacing dogs, a knife, explosions, dynamite, and cannonballs. At one point the turkeys fire a pumpkin over to the settlers who they declare war on after the settlers capture some of their friends.  The fiery pumpkin  actually lands on someone’s head and it is engulfed in fire.
  • The word idiot is used repeatedly.

This movie was probably the worst children’s movie I’ve ever seen. It had the potential to share a meaningful story that promoted peace, but instead the plot fell short and it was filled with bad lines, violence and an uninspiring storyline. I was hoping this would’ve been a great Thanksgiving movie, instead we walked out. In a world so riddled with violence I think many of us still hold onto the hope that the films we take our children to see are a delightful escape into the imagination, but unfortunately that rarely happens anymore instead they are being bombarded with adult themes and a film industry that is bent on taking the magic out of childhood films.

I blame myself though for not reading the reviews, going to the official site and doing my own research on this film to make an informed decision. As parents we have the power to either support or not support these films and we have to take responsibility for what we allow our kids to see. I ended up apologizing to Anya for not doing my diligence as a parent when it came to seeing, “Free Birds.” I took for granted this was a feel good movie about turkeys being saved that would be cute and meaningful and unfortunately that didn’t happen. Save your money on this one!

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