The Consequence Jar.. The Good and The Bad

Okay since I just posted about creating healthy boundaries for kids, I thought I’d share something we do in our house and that is I have two consequence jars. When the little kiddo gets out of hand and after warnings are issued it is time for the consequence jar. Basically I had these little magnet containers a friend gave me and I put Anya’s picture on it, well I finally found a way to put it to good use.

She’s so cute right? Yep, until something goes wrong and oh boy! No just joking, but she can get a bit feisty. So below are the containers.

Why two you ask? Well, I don’t think we should teach our children that all consequences are bad. There are also good consequences when we are obedient. So if Anya does something thoughtful, generous or just shows good character she can choose a good consequence! These range from a walk to the park, a 1/2 hour later bed time , etc.

The bad consequence container has little unhappy faces and she has to choose one after unruly behavior and a warning. However, I wanted to put a slip of paper in there that grants Grace. I think giving grace is a huge part of parenting. After all Jesus gives us undeserved grace shouldn’t we give our kids the same. Interesting enough if she picks Grace I always see a very humble attitude emerge that usually ends with an apology and a hug.

This is a simple, but yet effective way to curb undesirable behavior and also to encourage good behavior. Just a quick mom tip!


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