Our New School Tradition!

I genuinely value traditions. Even more so now that I have my own little family. So, I’m always looking to start a new tradition, but one that is meaningful. This year Anya is going to a new school so it is fitting that we start a new tradition. In the morning before we go to school we always say a prayer for the day, because I want her to begin her day in prayer and thanksgiving. I try to base many of our traditions on our faith. So this new school tradition falls into that pattern.

Anya brings her lunch to school, so Ive decided to put a scripture on a napkin in her lunchbox everyday with a little personal note (I have a thing with napkins/holders huh?). So every day she has a new scripture to read. She loves finding a new verse every day when she opens her lunchbox. These verses  are not for memorization, but just to read and keep them in her heart and encouage her throughout the day. I find the verse, which is ususally from Psalms or Proversrbs during the evening when I’m making her lunch. Sometimes I try to find a verse that will correlate to an issue we’ve discussed about school that day.  I enjoy intentionally searching for a verse that I know will give her some spiritual nourishment. For example, the girls at the school were doing something that I thought was kind of dangerous and Anya knows that it is also. I know that she isn’t quick to follow the crowd, but I also know she is 7 and when her peers are doing something it is easy for her to be tempted to give it a  try. I explained that if she follows the crowd remember there can be consequences. That evening I found a verse about making wise decisions and being in wise company and not following the crowd which fit our conversation perfectly. I then wrote a little not below the scripture about not being a follower, but doing what she knew was right. The next day she thanked me for that note.

Anyway that we can feed the word to our kids, I say do it! You’d be surprised how much they appreciate it our purposeful gestures. Hope your kids are having a great start to the new school year!

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