Try Kiddo Tags for Back to School Labels!

Kiddo Tags

This past weekend when Anya’s friend stayed over I noticed that she had these cute little names tags on her PJs. I have to label everything for Anya’s new school including clothes, supplies, etc. I’m not into writing all these labels with a felt tip pen, mainly becausehandwriting isn’t my strongsuit.  So, I asked my friend, Alicia where she found these adorable labels and she told me she purchased them at KiddoTags. I went to the site and very quickly customized my labels without touching a felt tip pen!

If you need to label all your child’s belongings I suggest checking out this site. You can also get your kids involved and let them design the label they want which is what we did. They can choose the font, the color and the picture they want on the tag.They also have health and safety tags and wristbands which many of you may find useful, especially if your kids have allergies or medical issues. Here is a quick list of the products they offer:

The price is reasonable for the amount you get and there are coupons available. Check out their Facebook  page also!

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