Salsa Chicken! A Great Crock Pot Recipe!

Moms, with school starting back up we’re all looking for quick easy dinners. So here is a quick meal I cooked up today in the crock pot. The crock pot basically does the work for you! All you have to do is throw in the ingredients. The crock can be a life saver for all moms, but especially the single mom because it is a super time saver! Here is one of my favorite crock pot recipes… Salsa Chicken

This is so simple to make and it is really tasty!
Chicken Drumsticks
Drained can of black beans
Drained can of corn
Mexican Cheese
Some Taco Mix
All you do is throw all these ingredients into the crock pot! I used 5 drumsticks but if you have a can of salsa about the size I had you can probably add about 7-8 drumsticks. I also used some of my favorite seasonings. Put the crock pot on low if you want it finished in about 7-8 hours and on high if you want it to done sooner.
The meat is extremely tender so if you have little ones, you may want to get the meat off the bone for them, so they don’t get a bone by accident. The meat literally falls of the bone so it won’t take much time.
I served it with only Spanish rice tonight since I was dining solo and had a filling lunch, but I suggest corn on the cob,  and a salad on the side along with the rice for a complete meal.
Doesn’t it look good!!

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