The Word is A Lamp Unto My Feet.. Daily Devotional

Psalms 119:105
“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”
Let us allow every word of God be our light in a world of darkness. The Lord’s path is the only path, regardless of how enticing another path this world offers us may seem. Stay steadfast unto his word as he leads you with his light and truth! God should be our source of light in our dark times and our good times. Every day find time to read the word to be rejuvenated and restored. The world can break us down, leaving us  frustrated and hopeless. But, God’s promise and his word restores our hope and lifts us to a height above our worldly understanding. Let’s instill upon our children this light so that they can avoid many of the stumbling blocks on the path they will travel. God’s word is truth and in truth we find understanding, comfort and the mercy and grace of his ways. As Christians this light is in us, so be a light to others around you so that they will be encouraged to follow the Lord’s path. May you have a blessed weekend!!

2 Replies to “The Word is A Lamp Unto My Feet.. Daily Devotional”

  1. Chere, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. I love the verse you included, as well. It’s a great reminder to always keep the Lord in mind – and continue on the path he has created for us.

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