Learning When To Quit

Don’t be a quitter! How many times did you hear those words as a kid? Yes, there is something to be said about following through, giving it your all and finishing. But, as a single mom who juggles a million balls in the air there comes a time when you have to learn how to quit. Let me clarify myself. Learn how to end your day! When you need break recognize that it is okay to quit. Stop what you are doing and take a time out to breathe, sit, sleep, eat, watch tv, do yoga whatever your heart desires. It isn’t healthy to go, go, go and never stop. We have a double dose of responsibility as single parents and we are on all the time. We aren’t superhuman or robots, we are women with needs and one of those needs for most of us is me time. If you find yourself uncomfortable with this notion, pay attention to the next time your irritable. Are you tired emotionally, mentally or physically? Then it is time to quit! Maybe you need to quit for 15 minutes, an hour, or maybe a whole day! If your children visit their dad on the weekend you have a unique opportunity to quit and restore and your well being.

Be intentional about the time you spend on your daily errands and workload. If you have to set a timer for yourself that tells you when to quit. Allot a specific period of time for household chores and when that timer rings.. quit! This requires you to know your body and the rest that you need to feel good! If you’re kids are younger you may want to instill naps on the weekend for you and them! If your kids are a little older and can occupy themselves then have quiet time set aside so they can go in their room and read and you can relax. For this to work you have to be intentional about setting this time aside. Don’t ignore the limits you put in place.Think about way that you can squeeze in some mental break time, it will do you a world of good!

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