Saved $65! How/ By Cutting My Own Hair!

Besides getting physically fit I’m trying to stay financially fit. I’m aiming to save moneywhich is requiring me to make some budget adjustments. For example, I’m bringing my lunch instead of buying it which helps a lot  and that isn’t so hard. But, then there are things like a hair cut that will cost me a cool $65.00. I just wanted my ends trimmed and unfortunately it is costly where I live to get a cut, plus I don’t trust everyone. So, I was looking at this blog yesterday and the blogger gave step by step instructions on cutting your hair, it was so easy so I thought I’d give it a try! All you do is this:

1. Dry your hair and make it as straight as possible.
2. Part it in the middle and put it in 2 ponytails
3.Grab a pair of scissors, preferably sharp and hold the ends you want to cut, then snip, snip!
4. Do the same on both sides and there you have it!

My hair feels healthier and I saved money! If I need those pesky ends trimmed I won’t be going to the salon I’ll be going into my bathroom!

Check out the site:

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