A Healthy Me Day 3… Feeling Fab!


After a restful sleep, Anya, her bitty twin American dolls, and myself headed to the gym. Armed with a liter of water I began my workout. So here is how it went down..

Day 3 Workout
Treadmill for 1 hour 15% incline/ 827 calories burned and 3.79 miles
100 crunches
50 squats
Lots of stretching

Food Intake 
So far this is what I ate:
Oatmeal, banana, and coffee
A few grapes
Big salad with spinach, turkey breast, Greek olives, and a little mozzarella with light raspberry vinaigrette and yogurt
Close to 2 liters of H20
(I’ll update on dinner later)

Anya loved going with me and she actually read a chapter of Little Women that she is writing a book report on. A great way to start the day and I’m feeling fab!!

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