Looking for Cute Kids Clothes? Try Zulily!

I am always scoping the scene for cool clothes for Anya that are different yet affordable. I came across a site that I knew of before but never really checked it out. Zulily has some great offers! I bought two coats, a dress, a sweater and two ponchos for less than $100! It was reasonable and the clothes are not run of the mill. They also have shoes, accessories, crafts, women’s clothes, and toys.Zulily hosts a different site every day that is having sales so you have more of a variety to choose from.  The delivery time is a bit longer than what I’m used to, but if you aren’t in a rush check them out at http://www.zulily.com/ . I am in love with it!

This was $11.99

This was $19.99

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