Family Dinners Expanded For Single Moms

I am a huge advocate of family dinners. I especially love Sunday family dinners. I have fond memories of going over to my grandma’s house on Sunday and having family dinners around the table when I was younger. It is a tradition that I dearly miss by living in one state and my parents living in another state. But, families aren’t restricted to only immediate family members. Family are those people you love, support, and spend time with, so why not include them in on Sunday dinner?

Tonight I was thinking about Sunday dinners past and thought how as single moms we should include in our family, those who aren’t family members by blood but are family in every other way. So, I am proposing that a few of these lovely ladies and our families have a Sunday dinner once a month or more, but at least once a month that includes all of us sitting around the table with our kids. We can either take turns cooking or do a potluck. I think this is a great memory to create for our kids and it strengthens our little village.

I’ve read some emails from moms who feel as though there is an element missing in their single parent family, especially those moms with one child. This is a fun way to expand your family experience, while building friendships, strengthening bonds, and allowing the kids to experience a lively Sunday dinner.

I’ll post pictures of our first dinner soon!! Let the Sunday fun begin!!

The Single Mom Expanded Sunday Dinner Tips:

  • Choose one Sunday a month be commited, and to stick to it!
  • Decide on whose house will host the dinner.
  • Make a cooking schedule. Potluck probably works best, you can rotate, for example, one person makes the main dish and the others make the sides one week and then rotate who makes the main dish.
  • Help with the cleanup. Don’t leave the host with the stress of a sink full of dishes.  
  • Have activities for the kids while the adults are cleaning up (better yet have them help!) or throw in a quick movie.
  • You may want to do a family activity, such as play a board game or take a walk.
  • Create a ritual. Try going around the table and saying one thing everyone is grateful for, or the high and lows of the day. Make sure you have a positive conversation  flowing that is kid friendly!
  • Pray together.
  • The biggest tip is to do this all with LOVE!

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  1. Hey! Thank You for this great and very good advice for single moms who also needs an idea on how to still deal with our family when we are still young. This information is much appreciated by us. Thanks.

    Maria Lee

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