Let’s Pray for the Maslins

Abby, Jack and TC Maslin

In Washington, DC in a fairly safe neighborhood known as Eastern Market, a 29 year old man named TC Maslin,  a father and husband was severely beaten and found in a coma on a doorstep.  TC Maslin was walking home after going to a NAT’s game with friends when he was severely attacked and beaten. His injuries were so severe that he had to undergo 2 brain surgeries. He has a lovely wife, Abby and an adorable son, Jack who are praying for his complete healing. I’m appalled that people can be so callous and cruel and to be honest a bit frightened. I lived in the Eastern Market neighborhood when I first moved to Washington, DC. I loved my one bedroom apartment with it’s courtyard, and the vibrant market on the weekend, and the many restaurants I frequented in my pre-Anya days. I too would walk home in the dark sometimes after a late dinner with friends and felt safe just as I’m sure TC Maslin did. The police haven’t caught the awful human beings who done this yet, but I’m hopeful they will.

My heart goes out to TC, Abby and Jack. This woman, this wife and mother needs our prayers and support. Abby has started a blog that I encourage you to read as she chronicles their journey to recovery and healing. Love for the Maslins will give you a glimpse into TC’s healing and Abby’s life as she tries to encourage her husband and be there for her son. As women and mothers let’s reach out to Abby. Let’s pray for her, give  her a word of encouragement and do whatever we can to lift this family up. There is also a link for donations that can assist them with their financial needs. Once you read Abby’s blog you will understand the extent of TC injuries and the toll it is taking on him and their family.

Here is the site to donate http://www.simpleregistry.com/loveforthemaslins/

2 Replies to “Let’s Pray for the Maslins”

  1. Awful human beings or human beings who committed an awful act. As “Christians” where is the love? Not condoning the heinous act and praying for The Maskin family. However I’m compelled to also pray for the individual(s) who committed this crime. There should definitely be consequences for conning this act, but hurting Ppl hurt other ppl and need to know Gods love, mercy and grace

  2. Thank you for the meaningful and great comment anonymous. It is easy to forget that it is the act when something is so heinous. I didn’t say I wanted them hurt physically and never would, but you’re right there should be consequences. I am a strong believer that God handles everything even if they are never caught God will handle it in his way. I hope people pray for everyone involved. Thank you again for pointing that out.

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