Fruits-To Refigerate or Not?

I buy lots of fruit and unfortunately I often kick myself becuase I have to throw it out fairly quickly. I read a statistic that 20% of all produce sold will be discarded because of spoilage. Isn’t that a shame!One of the issues is that I over purchase. There are two of us here and we aren’t going to eat 3 pounds of grapes in a couple days. The other issue I’ve always  grappled with is which fruits to refigerate. It may be common sense for many of you out there, but in the back of my mind I’ve always wondered  which fruits are really necessary to refigerate and does that factor into its shelf life? In order to stop wasting food I decided to #1 stop over purchasing and # 2 to do some research on the proper storage of fruits.

Wholefoods has a great site that I thought would be helpful to pass on to all of you out there who may also be grabbling with this question.  Wholefoods provides a great cheat sheet that tells you how to choose, store and use the fruit you buy along with giving nutritional information. For example, did you know tomatos should be stored at room temperature? Or that grapes should be left in the refigerator in an open or perforated bag? Or that if you put an unripened avocado in the refigerator it can never ripen because it damages the cells? Maybe you do, but there are some interesting tips on this site so check it out!

One other note, I do notice when I buy my fruit from the farm or from a farmer’s market it does tend to last longer. So, I’m sure buying the freshest fruit you can find also adds to it’s longevity. Also don’t forget about freezing fruit for smoothies that is a great way to not waste fruit.

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