Dealing With Temptation? Read Winning The War Within- By Charles Stanley

No matter where you are in your Christian walk with God, you will face temptation. I know I still do! It is a lifelong battle, but we are spiritually matured when we learn how to resist temptation and fulfill our desires through God. I picked up a great book by Charles Stanley, entitled, Winning the War Within.” I began reading it on Sunday and am already halfway through! The book addresses three key areas when examining temptation they are:

1. Defining the Problem
2. Developing a Self Defense
3. Discovering the Truth

Dr. Stanley first examines the root of temptation and how it originated, beginning in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. He distinguishes between what is a trial and what is temptation, which is helpful when we’re trying to cope with both. He then dissects it further by giving the reader a plan of attack, a strategy to develop a self defense to instill when temptation attacks. He then looks at why we continue to fall into temptation and after we fall what do we do?

This book is extremely informative!  I can’t wait to use it as a resource not only for myself, but for my daughter also. Although my daughter is only six, she is still subject to temptation and that temptation will only grow greater as she grows older. Hopefully some of the self defense skills I teach her now will carry over into those impressionable tween and teen years. Purchase it at Amazon for as little as .01 for a used book or $4.86 for a new copy. This is one of those timeless books you can read over and over for guidance!

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