The Lorax A Movie With A Meaningful Message

I love catching an impromptu movie in the middle of the week it is a nice little retreat from the busyness work and school. Anya and I had the pleasure of watching Dr. Seuss’s the Lorax. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this movie. I normally read up on the movies I take her too, but this was a spontaneous movie date so I bought the tickets and hoped for the best. I was pleasantly surprised that the movie was kid friendly unlike so many kid movies that come out and it had an eco friendly message. The story starts with a young boy named Ted who is determined to win the heart of the beautiful Audrey who dreams of having a Truffula tree, which have become extinct and been replace by replicas. In the name of love Ted gets out of the well guarded Thneed-ville when his grandmother played by Betty White tells him to find the Once-ler if he has any hopes of obtaining a tree. On his motorscooter he finds the Once-ler a secluded old man who tells Ted the story of how all the Truffula trees disappeared.

It all began innocent enough with a young Once-ler who had a dream of fame and fortune and mostly to make his mom proud. He set off on his journey and stumbled upon a lovely forest where he cut down a Truffula tree to make a thneed. No sooner does the tree fall then the Lorax protector of the forest appears. The Lorax makes Ted promise not to cut down any more trees. But, when the thneed becomes a hit, the Once-ler can’t help but to keep bulldozing down the beautiful trees and producing more thneeds. Soon the forest is depleted and the animals are forced out. The old Once-ler now lives alone in deep regret. That is until Ted comes determined to restore the Truffula trees. There is one seedling left and it is up to Ted to plant it in the plastic city of Thneedville. Ted encounters quite a few obstacles from the town’s greedy mayor and his thugs. But, Ted prevails in the name of love and responsibility to restore the trees.

I loved this movie because of the message it conveyed. When the first pink Truffula Tree is cut down and  falls with a thump the death of the tree resonated with me and I think it resonated with Anya also. The movie is a reminder that every person has a responsibility to protect and respect the environment. It gives children a bleak yet kid appropriate glimpse into what the future could look like if we don’t take care of our environment now. I think movies are grossly overpriced but this one was worth the money!

In the end the audience is given hope and the Once-ler has a chance to redeem himself and make things right. Go to the movie’s site and get some Go Green Tips.  What a great way to start Spring with an appreciation of our earth!


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