Sharing the Pew

One of the memories I cherish most from my childhood was Wednesday night bible study at my grandmother’s church. After I grew up and moved out of state my grandmother and mother went to church together every Sunday and Wednesday. They sat side by side singing hymns and learning the word of God together. How blessed they were to share that gift. They attended church together until my grandmother was physically unable to go any longer. When I visit home and go to church with my mom I’m always hit with mixed emotions when I sit next to her in the pews. I imagine her sitting without my grandmother in the pew they shared for so many years and my heart truly breaks for her, although I know she is surrounded by her church family and my grandmother’s spirit is always there. As difficult as it may be for my mom, she is still there every Wednesday, that is what a spiritual legacy does! I guess it is a bit of how I feel when I go to church and Anya is in Sunday school, a part of me always wishes my mom and gram where next to me.

Tonight, my very lovely friend, Christina filled that void. I invited her to Wednesday night bible study, and she accepted the invitation! I was so happy to share Wednesday night bible study with her and for us to do something that was positive and spiritually enriching. The topic was something I believer we’re both struggling with and it felt good to be at church and to get spiritually fed. In my bible there is a picture of my grandma and pap pap, when I saw it tonight, I was reminded of their love for God and for their church. Each time I see that picture I always feel a little emotional and tonight was no different. But, for a moment I was transported back to when I was a girl and the joy I got from the anticipation of going to Wednesday night bible study with my granmda. I remembered the deep satisfaction of being surrounded by those who loved the lord  and loved me. I fondly recalled the deep contentment I was filled with when the service was over and after all the hugs and goodbyes. With my daughter downstairs in the kid’s bible study and Christina sitting next to me, I left tonight with that same contentment I had way back then when I shared the pew with the women I loved.

Thank you Christina for sharing bible study and the pew with me tonight!


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    I need to THANK YOU for the invitation! It was the perfect lesson, in a perfect church, on lovely warm Wednesday evening, in perfect company. See you next week:)

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