Real Mom Moment- Do Something With Yourself!

Take a walk

Most of you single moms out there have the unique situation of having 2 free weekends in a month if your kids visit their dad. Now, I would much rather have my daughter with me every single weekend, but yeah I get it she should spend time with her dad which is a good thing, we all know the importance of nurturing a good father/daughter relationship. So that leaves me with roughly 72 hours to do me right? Well, with turning 40 in a few weeks one of my goals is to try new things, to explore and to develop and nurture my own interests that means I’m going to do something with myself!

I work in Washington, DC a city known for it’s museums, festivals, art galleries, great restaurants, and much more. Although, once I get off of work I’m so ready to get out of the city and go home, I think expanding my horizons can actually begin in my own back yard. So today, I’m going to get my walk on and have fun in the city. I may take a walk down to see the cherry blossoms, or hit a tapa’s restaurant, see if there is an art opening or just people watch. But, I am going to enjoy what is available to me. If you are struggling with something to do when your little sweeties are gone try a few of these ideas:

  • Check Groupon or Living Social for deals in your neighborhood
  • Go to a wine tasting
  • If you have the extra money rent a hotel room in your city and pretend you’re a tourist
  • Catch a play
  • Go see the new blockbuster by yourself
  • Take yourself to dinner
  • Find a cool little joint to listen to your favorite type of music
  • Take a stroll outdoors
  • Grab a blanket, pack a picnic and curl up with a good book under a tree
  • Take a class
  • Go to your local botanical gardens and smell the sweet aromas of flowers
  • Do something physical, go wall climbing or take a hike
  • Sign up for cooking lesson
  • Volunteer
  • Pack a bag and go on a road trip to no particular destination
  • Grab your camera and take pictures
  • Catch up with friends and host a girls night at your house
  • Visit a museum
  •  Join a special interest group
  • Try a new activity like kayaking
  • Garden
  • Discover new neighborhoods

Whatever you do go out there and do something for yourself! When the kids come back on Monday you’ll be refreshed and renewed for them and yourself! Well, gotta go make a plan for tonight! Have a great weekend!!

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